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Title: Cholinergic Microglia Symbiosis
Author: Rashmi Gamage
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Description: This is a Airyscaned confocal microscopy (Carl Zeiss LSM800 with Zen Blue® software) image obtained under 63x oil immersion objective. The image represents a cholinergic neuron (green channel) in the medial septal nuclei of ChATBAC-eGFP (GFP tagged cholinergic neurones) mouse basal forebrain, surrounded by Ib1+ microglial cells (red channel), while all nuclei stained with DAPI (blue channel). This extended depth of focus image was obtained from collapsing a 3D image of resolution 1024x1024 pixels and 0.27-micron steps in the Z –stack. Immunohistochemistry was performed on 50µm thick coronal sections of post-fixed ChATBAC-eGFP mouse medial septum cut in three series, to visualize the neuronal-glial interaction.