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Title: Cortical Neuro-Prerrogative
Author: Alejandra Velazquez Ojeda
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Description: Neural stem cell-derived cerebral organoid . This organoid was cultured in hypoxia (4% oxygen) for 15 days , normoxia (20% oxygen) for 7 days and back in hypoxia for 40 days. At day 62 the organoid was fixed and immunostained with radial glia (GFAP; magenta), mature neuron (NeuN; red), and nuclear (Hoechst,; blue) markers. Images were analyzed using confocal microscopy (ZEISS LSM 880 with Aryscan). This 3-D organoid shows the cortical neurogenesis in-vitro hence, 'cortical neuro-prerrogative' demonstrating the intrinsic fate of the neural stem cell line.