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Title: Engraftment, distribution and fate of LM-NSC008 cells in naive adult mouse brain in 3 Dimension
Author: Margarita Gutova
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Description: Characterization of L-myc expressing neural stem cells (LM-NSC008) was conducted in naïve adult mouse brain 6 month after intracranial administration. These LM-NSC008 cells were genetically modified to express green fluorescent protein and administered into immunodeficient adult mouse brain. Six month after neural stem cell administration, LM-NSC008 cells were visualized using CLARITY in optically cleared brain sections. Cleared brain sections were stained with DiI-red and was used to visualize white matter tracts and quantify tissue orientation (A). Furthermore, we used computational analysis of LM-NSC008 migration and alignment with white matter tracts and diffusion tensor imaging atlas to register clarity sections and visualize LM-NSC008 cells in 3 Dimension (B).