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Title: Neural Landscapes: Serene Peaks of Activity
Author: DanaKim
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Description: Image of neurons in the 4th ventricle, nucleus of the solitary tract (NTS), and dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus, within the dorsal surface of the medulla oblongata in a wild-type mouse. Image was acquired through epifluorescent microcopy using a slide scanner, following a multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry assay (Phox2b, TH and DAPI) where Phox2b - Red (Cy5), TH - Green (AF488), and DAPI - Blue. Here, Phox2b+ NTS neurons are chemosensitive, where they sense elevated blood CO2 levels to project signals to the respiratory pattern and rhythm generator within the brainstem to maintain ventilatory homeostasis.

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