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Title: Neurofilament-heavy and myelin staining in the mouse frontal cortex and striatum
Author: Danielle Germundson-Hermanson
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Description: Immunofluorescent staining in the adult C57BL/6J mouse frontal cortex and striatum. Free-floating brain tissue embedded in a gelatin matrix was incubated overnight with rabbit anti-mouse neurofilament-heavy (1:1000) overnight. After washing, tissue was incubated with goat anti-rabbit secondary antibody conjugated to FITC and the lipophilic stain FluoroMyelin Red. Tissue was then mounted onto glass slides and coverslipped with mounting media containing DAPI. Neurofilament-heavy appears green, myelin appears red, and nuclear counterstain appears blue. Photomicrograph was taken using a 4x objective on a Keyence fluorescent microscope.

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