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Title: Morphology of temporal lobe pyramidal neuron
Author: Vivek Dubey
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Description: The Golgi staining of a pyramidal neuron in located in temporal lobe of Sprague-Dawley rat. Following the staining process, 200 micron thick sections were prepared using a vibrotome . The slides were allowed to dry at room temperature and were observed under a microscope (Olympus BX53) at low and high magnifications. Images were captured using a CCD digital camera (DP80, Olympus) attached to the microscope using dedicated software and/or Neurolucida 360 for tracing the neuron (MBF Biosciences, USA). The following criteria were adopted for identification of staining for evaluation: 1. Neurons were considered completely stained if the soma and dendrites are stained. 2. Dendrites should be seen well demarcated by the impregnated black stain without spilling outside the neurons.