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Title: Reach for the Stars
Author: Gareth Rurak
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Description: An image of astroglial cells (eGFP in yellow) migrating to the upper layers of the cortex from the ventricular zone using GFAP extensions (red) at P4 in a female mouse brain. Astroglial cells got their name due to their "star-like" appearance. Immature astroglial cells migrate to the cortex where they then divide to become the most common cell type in the mammalian cortex. Throughout their lifetime, astroglial cells modulate neuronal activity and connectivity by constructing, removing and maturing synapses. Our lab uses a transgenic mouse line expressing eGFP under the pan astroglial promoter AldhL1, fused to the L10 ribosomal protein to visual astrocytes and perform cell-specific RNA sequencing. Taken on a Zeiss LSM800 Confocal microscope at 10x magnification using fluorescent immunohistochemistry; DAPI a nuclear marker (blue), glial acidic fibrillary protein (GFAP) an astroglia specific cytoskeletal protein, and green fluorescent protein (GFP; yellow).