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Title: Calbindin-expressing dopamine neurons derived from the Wnt1 lineage
Author: Mark Zervas
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Description: Genetic Inducible Fate Mapping (GIFM) reveals that calbindin (green)-expressing midbrain dopamine neurons (Tyrosine Hydroxylase+, red) are derived from progenitors that expressed Wnt1 during embryogenesis (Wnt1-lineage, nuclear ß-gal+,blue). Images of sections were obtained on a Leica DM6000B epifluorescence microscope with a motorized stage using an HCX PL APO 40Â/ 0.85 CORR, 0.11–0.23 objective to collect 1-micron thick optical sections (in the z-axis with a motorized stage). Data was acquired with a QImaging Retiga SRV camera and Volocity 5.2 imaging acquisition palette. All images were pseudocolored live as part of the acquisition palettes. Imaging datasets were exported to Adobe Photoshop CS3.