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Title: Mouse embryonic stem cell derived dopamine neurons.
Author: Mark Zervas
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Description: Methods: Stem cells were generated using a 5-stage protocol (Dingle et al., BioRxiv, 2016). Dopaminergic neuron phenotype was validated using immunocytochemistry with antibodies against Tyrosine Hydroxylase (rabbit anti-TH, Millipore, AB152, 1:1000)/Alexa 488 donkey anti-rabbit (Invitrogen, A21206) shown in green and TUJ-1 (mouse anti-Tuj-1 (R&D, MAB1195, 1:1000)/Alexa 555 donkey anti-mouse (Invitrogen, A31570) shown in red. Hoechst nuclear counter stain is shown in blue. A 20X z-stack image with 2-µm z-steps was acquired with Volocity 5.2 software and a Leica fluorescence microscope (DM6000B).