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Title: Synaptic localisation in differentiated 35-DIV primary chick embryo neuron
Author: Awanish
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Description: Merge image showing synaptic localisation in 35-day in vitro primary neurons. Cells were obtained from 9 day post fertilised chick brains corresponding to stage 35 HH as per Hamburger and Hamilton staging system. Neuronal cells were fixed with ice cold methanol followed by blocking with 1x serum bovine albumin and stained with antibodies against presyanptic marker Synapsin (Cat. No. 574778, Calbiochem, Germany) and post synaptic marker, PSD-95 (Cat. No. 124011 Synaptic Systems, Germany). Isotype Specific secondary antibodies against primary conjugated with FITC (for synapsin) and Texas red (for PSD-95) were used. Nucleus were counterstained with DAPI (Sigma-Aldrich, USA) at a concentration of 1 microgram perm milliliter. Image was obtained using 60x objective in a Perkin-Elmer spinning disk confocal attached to a Nikon microscope.