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Title: Mouse spiral ganglion neurons (red) and myelinating glial cells (green)
Author: Hainan Lang
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Description: 1. Microscopy method: The image was taken by a Zeiss LSM5 Pascal confocal microscope (Carl Zeiss Inc., Jena, Germany). 2. Staining method: For immunohistochemistry, the inner ears were prepared by fixing with 4 % paraformaldehyde as fixative, decalcified with EDTA, cryprotected in 30 % sucrose in PBS and embedded in Tissue-Tek OCT compound (Electron Microscopy Science, FT. Washington, PA). Frozen sections were cut at 15 µm thickness . Sections were immersed in blocking solution for 30 min and then incubated overnight at 4 °C with a primary antibody diluted in PBS. The primary antibodies used in this study were mouse anti-CNPase (Chemicon, Temecula, CA), rabbit anti-class III β-tubulin (TuJ1, Covance, Emeryville, CA). 3. Region: mouse peripheral auditory nerve 4. Cell types: type I spiral ganglion neurons and glial cells 5. Species: mouse Secondary antibodies were biotinylated and binding was detected with FITC-conjugated avidin D (1:150) (Vector, Burlingame, CA). The procedure for detection of the secondary antigen was the same as for the first antigen but substituting Texas-red conjugated avidin D (1:150) (Vector, Burlingame, CA) for visualization.