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Title: Newborn stars in the brain
Author: Carmen Falcone
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Description: Newborn stem cell-derived astrocytes, migrating up into cerebral cortex in prenatal Rhesus macaque. animal model: Macaca mulatta (Rhesus macaque); experimental treatment: brain intraventricular injection with GFP-Retrovirus (at 80 gestation days) to label radial glia cells (stem cells) and their progenies, and sacrificed 2 weeks later; brain cut at the vibratome, 50 micron thick sections; Immunofluorescence at frontal cortex, anti-GFP (green), anti-GFAP (red), DAPI (blue); image taken with C2 Nikon confocal microscope, 60X oil objective, 10-stacks of 1.5 micron steps; post-processing with Photoshop to slightly enhance blue, green and red channels.